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2022 Executive Committee Officers & Chairman

President - Robert Andrews

Robert Andrews

Robert Andrews, CPG-11975, is a Licensed Professional Geologist in Indiana and currently the Wellfield Protection Coordinator for the City of Columbus, Division of Water. Prior to joining the City in 2007, Robert worked for 17 years as a Geologist for several consulting firms and the Kentucky Geological Survey on various remedial and resource investigations. While at the Survey, Robert worked on projects estimating the availability of coal resources, using remote-sensing and drilling techniques to locate groundwater supplies in fracture rock, and assessing non-point source pollution within a river basin in the eastern part of the state. Robert has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of Wooster and a Master of Science degree from the University of Kentucky. Robert has been a member of the Ohio Section’s Executive Committee since 2014 serving as Member-At-Large (2014 to 2016), Treasurer (2017 to 2019), President-Elect (2019 & 2021), Past-President (2021), and President (2020 & 2022).

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Past-President - Tom Jenkins


Tom Jenkins, CPG-07892, is licensed in Pennsylvania (PG) and West Virginia (LRS). Tom retired in January 2020 from a 42-year career as a geologist. Tom received a BS in Geology from Kent State University in 1978. He then worked for NL Baroid for seven years conducting mineral exploration in Northeast Nevada. Tom left NL Baroid in 1985 to pursue a Master’s degree in Hydrogeology at Ohio University. He sought and obtained geologic consulting contracts to finance his education. After completing graduate studies, he worked for Malcolm Pirnie, Inc. (2 years) and Burgess & Niple, Inc. (12 years), principally in hydrogeologic consulting for solid waste facilities, but also working on water supply projects, groundwater modeling and underground storage tank investigations. In 2001 Tom took a position with Waste Management managing environmental compliance in Ohio and West Virginia. In 2003 Tom left Waste Management and went to work for Eagon & Associates, Inc. At Eagon, Tom principally worked on solid waste projects, completing assessment investigations, landfill expansion studies and maintaining groundwater monitoring programs. He has been a member of AIPG since 1991, and has served as newsletter editor, member-at-large, and president.

Secretary - Tim Brown

Tim Brown

Tim Brown, CPG-11637, is a Project Geologist at Terracon Consultants, Inc. in Gahanna, Ohio. Tim has over 22 years of experience in the environmental consulting industry, including managing and conducting various types of environmental and hydrogeologic projects in Ohio, generally associated with brownfields and underground storage tank sites, and is a Certified Professional under the Ohio EPA’s Voluntary Action Program. He has Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Science degrees in geology from The Ohio State University, with an emphasis in geochemistry and hydrogeology. Tim has served as Newsletter Editor for the Ohio Section beginning in 2012, President-Elect (2018), President (2019), Past-President (2020), and Member-at-Large (2021).


Treasurer and President-Elect - Dave Follett

Dave Follett

Dave Follett, CPG-12034, is a Licensed Professional Geologist in Indiana (#IN2578) and Solid Waste Practice Lead at Civil & Environmental Consultant's (CEC) Worthington, Ohio office.  His career in the industry began in 2008. Since then, Dave has broadened his knowledge in the geological sciences and gathered a diverse range of solid waste and environmental experience which he utilizes to manage a variety of projects that include groundwater and explosive gas reporting at solid waste facilities, statistical analysis, and environmental site assessments. Dave has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Geology from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and has been a member of the Ohio Section’s Executive Committee since 2019 serving as Member-At-Large (2019), Treasurer (2020 to present) and President-Elect (2022).


Member-At-Large - Brigitte Petras

Brigitte Petras

Brigitte Petras, ECP-0539, is a Geologist in the Energy Division at Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, Ohio. Brigitte completed her Bachelor of Science in geology at Youngstown State University (YSU) in 2018, where she was a co-founder and president of YSU’s AIPG Student Chapter. Additionally, she was a Geology Research intern at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. She later received her master’s degree in geology at West Virginia University in 2021. Her industry experience ranges from invasive plant species management at Greenfields Environmental Corporation to the creation of subsurface petroleum models at Pure Earth Resources. Currently, she is working on carbon storage projects.

Member-At-Large - Michael Friedhoff


Michael Friedhoff, CPG-11093, is a Kentucky Professional Geologist (#243927) and currently a Senior Geophysicist at The Mannik and Smith Group, Inc. in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has been with the company since 2001. Michael has over 22 years of experience in the industry, including managing and conducting hydrogeologic, environmental, geophysical, and Subsurface Utility Engineering projects throughout the Midwest. His recent experience has led him to work on several large scale construction projects for highway and building design conducting geophysical investigations, involving seismic refraction, electromagnetic conductivity, ground penetrating radar, electrical resistivity and Multi-channel Analysis of Surface Waves methodology. Michael has a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from the University of Cincinnati and a Master of Science degree from the University of Toledo in Geology, with an emphasis in Geophysics.


Member-At-Large - Hugh Downer

Nelson Novak - Member-At-Large

Hugh Downer, CPG-11815, has a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from the University of Manchester, UK. He began his career in the UK before moving to Columbus, Ohio and joining Eagon & Associates, Inc. in Worthington, Ohio in 1999. Since then, Hugh has specialized in landfill monitoring and compliance, and landfill hydrogeologic site investigations, assessments, and corrective measures. He has also worked on numerous water-supply and dewatering projects, and remediation projects including vapor intrusion mitigation.




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