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AIPG 52nd Annual Meeting Anchorage, Alaska September 19-22, 2015, Fire and Ice.

by Brent Smith

by Curtis Coe, CPG#06240, Ohio Section President Elect

I would like to take the time to thank Tom Jenkins, Brent Smith, the other Ohio executive committee members as well as the Ohio Section for allowing me the opportunity to represent Ohio at the national executive committee meetings. It was indeed an honor to receive the section leadership award. It was a thrill to study the spectacular geology of the state. As always, it was nice to see old friends and to make new friends. 

While in attendance at the conference, I went on four (4) field trips to study the geology of the Anchorage area:

  1. Wishbone Hill Coal Mine near Palmer Alaska
  2. Matanuska Glacier Adventure
  3. Transect of the Mesozoic Subduction Complex, Southcentral, Alaska
  4. 1964 Great Alaska Earthquake: Geologic Causes and Effects

For those of you that are not familiar with the state, I have attached maps and cross sections from the field trip guides so that you can gain a perspective on the vast nature of the explored and unexplored parts of the state. For those of you that have never attended a national meeting, I would encourage you to consider attending.  It is always a learning experience and a lot of fun. It is one thing to study the maps, it is quite another to see it all in person. Even the photographs do not do the awesome beauty of the state justice.

General Physiographic Map of Alaska showing Pacific Mountain System

Google image of Cook Inlet showing Anchorage as well as Wishbone Hill, Matanuska Glacier and the Matanuska River

Topographic map showing Anchorage relative to the Knik and Turnagain Arms of the Cook Inlet

General photograph of the Pacific Mountain System Talkeetna Mountains

Wishbone Hill Field Trip

Google Image of Wishbone Hill

Topographic map of Wishbone Hill

Cross Section showing the structure of the coals and overlying conglomerate that make up the sedimentary deposits at Wishbone Hill

Entrance to the Wishbone Hill Surface Coal Mine

Wishbone Hill Surface Mine Excavation Showing the Steeply dipping nature of the Coal beds near the northern part of the coal outcrop.

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