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Notes from the Field: OSU Field Camp Post No. 3

by Brent Smith

For the past two weeks, Ohio State Geology students were kept busy mapping many areas in Central Utah and in Great Basin National Park, Nevada. We had our first individual mapping experience on Temple Hill, south of Ephraim where we have our home base. We also mapped the Southern Sanpete Valley to observe faults, folds, and other structures of the valley and a potential oil field. This past week, we took a 4-day camping trip to Great Basin National Park, just on the border of central Utah and Nevada to map out the metamorphic core complex seen in the Northern Snake Range. We are finally getting to put together the larger scale geology of the Western Cordillera and the Basin and Range Province!

Lienne Sethna, OSU AIPG Student Chapter President

View over “Old Man’s Canyon” in Northern Snake Range, Nevada

This year’s OSU AIPG Student Chapter President, Lienne Sethna, and Vice-President, Ben Holt

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