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June 2013 Field Trip to Active Utica Shale Drilling Sites

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June 2013 Field Trip to Active Utica Shale Drilling Sites

On June 14, 2013, members of the Ohio AIPG Section went on a field trip to inspect Chesapeake Energy drilling, hydraulic fracturing and production operations.  Prior to visiting the drilling, hydraulic fracturing and production facilities, Keith Fuller Chesapeake Energy, presented a talk on technology that goes into Utica Shale drilling, fracturing and productions in Ohio.    Keith also explained how Chesapeake Energy complies with Ohio environmental rules and regulations.  Examples on Utica Shale core were passed around for observation.

Prior to the site visit, all field attendees were provided with health and safety equipment as well as safety instructions.  Field trip attendees were treated to a visit to an active Utica Shale drilling site.  Chesapeake energy employees were available to discuss the operation of the drilling rig.  The tour included visit to the:

  1. Driller’s operations center. 
  2. Geologist mud logging trailer
  3. Waste Handling Facilities

In addition all were treated a visit to an active Chesapeake Utica shale production facility.  The facility included four procuring oil and gas wells.  All of the wells produced “wet” gas from the Utica shale.  Chesapeake personnel explained the technology and engineering that goes on prior to the gas  going into the pipeline or the oil being shipment the oil refinery.

The field trip help to provide and in-depth understand on the Utica shale drilling and production facilities that could only be obtained through hands on experience and onsite observation.  The Ohio Section officers sent Chesapeake a thank you for allowing the executive committee the opportunity to grain a deeper understanding of the oil and gas resources of Ohio.


Curtis J. Coe, CPG, PG

ODNR Division of Soil and Water Resources


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