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  • U.S. EPA Releases Final report on Impacts from Hydraulic Fracturing Water Cycle on Drinking Water Resources

    U.S. EPA recently published the Hydraulic Fracturing for Oil and Gas: Impacts from the Hydraulic Fracturing Water Cycle on Drinking Water Resources in the United States (Final Report).  This final report provides a review and summary of available scientific information concerning the relationship between hydraulic fracturing activities and drinking water resources in the United States.  The website, which can be accessed here, provides a summary of of the report and links to the Executive Summary, Report, and associated appendices. 


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  • OSU Earthquake

    Columbus, Ohio was rocked by an earthquake on November 26, 2016, did you feel it?  As reported by the Columbus Dispatch, the more than 110,000 fans who attended the game shook the ground in a massively measurable fashion according to university scientists.  Specifically, Curtis Samuel’s game-winning touchdown in double overtime registered a 5.79 on the "FanQuake Magnitude Scale," making it the seismic reading of the season for Ohio State games.  The measurement of the "FanQuake" was chronicled in a series of Columbus Dispatch articles both before and after the big game.  Click on the following articles for more details:

    November 25, 2016 Columbus Dispatch article prior to OSU Michigan game can be read here.

    December 2, 2016 post-"quake" Columbus Dispatch article can be read here.  

    Associated Press coverage via the Washington Times can be read here

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  • AIPG Ohio Section 2016 Annual Meeting Recap

    AIPG Ohio Section 2016 Annual Meeting Recap

    The 2016 Annual Meeting for the Ohio Section of AIPG was held on Thursday, November 17, 2016 at La Scala Italian Bistro in Dublin, Ohio. The event was well attended, with a total of 52 people including members, spouses and students from Wright State University and the Ohio State University.  Attendees enjoyed a lively social hour, family-style Italian dinner, and the feature presentation, A Paleoclimate Perspective from the World's Highest Glaciers:  A Heart-to-Heart on Climate Change, presented by Lonnie Thompson, Professor, of the Ohio State University.  Other festivities included a 505/50 raffle conducted by, and benefitting the OSU and WSU student Chapters, the annual awards presentation, and door prize drwaing.  

    Please click on the title or here for a detailed summary

    Thanks again to Dr. Thompson, all members who attended, the 2016 Executive Committee, and the OSU and WSU Student Chapters for making this a fun and memorable event!  Also, special thanks to ALS Environmental, teh Terran Corproation, and In-Situ for sponsoringthe event!      

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  • November 11, 2016 OSU Student Chapter Field Trip

    November 11, 2016 OSU Student Chapter Field Trip

    by Shelby Brewster

    AIPG Chapter President, Ohio State University

    The Ohio State University chapter of AIPG took a group of 16 students to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh on November 11th, 2016. After the early morning drive we were greeted by Marc and Deb Wilson, curators of the Hillman Hall mineral exhibit. Marc’s role as the curator is largely acting as the museum’s mineral merchant. He combines his knowledge of what minerals the exhibit needs, can afford, and who and where the best vendors are. This is an incredibly meticulous job, as it requires extensive knowledge accumulated over many years. This knowledge includes in-depth knowledge of minerals, their country of origin, mining history, physical properties, and much more.

    Click on the title for the full post

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  • October 8, 2016 WSU Field Trip

    October 8, 2016 WSU Field Trip

    On Saturday, October 8, 2016 students at Wright State University hosted a combined student/professionals field trip to the Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve just north of Yellow Springs, Ohio.  Graduate students Ryan Shell and undergraduate senior Randy Mickle led the group of 15 students, professors, professionals, and 2 energetic 5-year-old boys on an hour-long tour of Clifton Gorge.  Ryan and Randy provided a detailed summary of the history and geology of the Gorge, including the evolution of this unique Ohio geology feature, which resulted from the massive amount of runoff from the retreating glaciers starting 18,000 years ago.  The tour concluded at the ODNR Nature Center located at the Preserve which included interactive exhibits on flora, fauna, and geology of the Gorge and surrounding area.  Following the hike, the Ohio Section of AIPG sponsored a lunch for the WSU students at the Golden Jersey Inn at Young's Jersey Dairy just north of Yellow Springs.  Special thanks to WSU students an faculty who organized and attended the fun fall event! 

    Click on the title to view photos and a copy of the ODNR field guide which served as a basis for the field trip and includes a full summary of the geology of Clifton Gorge. 

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  • September 22, 2016 Dinner Presentation

    September 22, 2016 Dinner Presentation

    On September 22, 2016 the Ohio Section of AIPG hosted the Autumn 2016 Dinner Meeting at La Scala Italian Bistro in Dublin, Ohio. Approximately 25 professionals and several students from Wright State University gathered for a relaxing evening that included a social hour, fine Italian food, and an interesting presentation.  The Ohio Section of AIPG was happy to welcome Christian Elliott, President and Owner of Ohio Soil Recycling LLC (OSR), who presented on Bioremediation and Beneficial Reuse Processes specific to the OSR facility.

    For those not familiar with OSR, this facility specializes in the removal of non-hazardous contaminants from soil and earthen material. Since their inception, OSR has remediated over 500,000 tons of non-hazardous contaminated material. OSR utilizes a combination of enhanced bioremediation and mechanically induced volatilization to reduce non-hazardous contaminants in soils. The process uses 100 percent naturally occurring organisms and creates no byproducts other than carbon dioxide, water and bio-mass.  Chris's presentation provided a detailed overview of the facility and remedial process, as well as potential future uses of the technology in relation to the treatment of drill cuttings from Utica and Marcellus Shale gas play in eastern Ohio.  If you are interested in learning more, please see the OSR website at

    Also, special thanks to our event sponsors, ALS and In-Situ!

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  • New ODNR Ohio Rocks Publications

    Courtesy of ODNR:

    The Ohio Geological Survey is pleased to announce the release of two new educational products as part of its Ohio Rocks! outreach program. The publications offer young learners a look at how geology shapes both the Ohio landscape and our daily lives. Get the full scoop on the new Ohio Rocks! Activity Book and Your House Rocks educational leaflet from our latest news blog here.



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  • Remediation Workshops

    The Ohio Section of AIPG would like to invite you the Columbus and Cincinnati Remediation Workshops on September 13th and 14th.  Over 6,000 people have registered for a workshop so far this year there is typically a good mix of consultants, regulators, and industrial managers.   

    Thanks to the workshop sponsors & exhibitors there is NO CHARGE for you to attend and you’ll also receive a certificate for 4 VAP PDHU’s!  You can see on the Ohio EPA site here where our workshops are listed as pre-approved.

    Columbus Workshop Location – Wednesday, September 14th  

    Embassy Suites by Hilton Columbus – 2700 Corporate Exchange Dr., Columbus


    Cincinnati Workshop Location – Thursday, September 15th  

    Hilton Garden Inn – Cincinnati Blue Ash – 5300 Cornell Rd., Blue Ash


    Even though it’s a FREE workshop, you must register online so that they know how much food to order. 


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  • Attention Ohio Graduate Students! Ohio Geology Advisory Council Grant Opportunity

    The Ohio Geology Advisory Council, a council to the Division of Geological Survey of the Ohio Department on Natural Resources, administers a grant program utilizing the contributions that are paid to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles by persons who obtain "Ohio Rocks!" license plates.  The primary purpose of this program is the awarding of grants by the council to geology departments of colleges and universities located in the state of Ohio for graduate level research conducted at location of geological interest in Ohio.  

    The application must be submitted as a Word or PDF document and be received by the Ohio Division of Geological Survey no later than October 17, 2016

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  • Ohio Section’s May 2016 Field Trip to Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati Area

    Ohio Section’s May 2016 Field Trip to Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati Area

    by Robert Andrews, Ohio Section Member-at-Large

    The Ohio Section’s May field trip to study the Ordovician Lexington-Point Pleasant and Kope formations of southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky was a great success.  Our field trip leader, Dr. Carlton Brett, Professor of Geology at the University of Cincinnati, treated all attendees to very entertaining and enlightening presentations.  

    Dr. Brett kicked off the trip Friday evening (5/20/2016) with an excellent lecture on the depositional environment of the Ordovician sediments using plate tectonics.  At 8:30 am Saturday morning (5/21/2016) professionals and students gathered at the parking lot of the La Quinta Inn & Suites in Florence, Kentucky to embark on the field trip.  The trip consisted of six separate stops and began by examining the contact between the Point Pleasant and Kope Formations along U.S. 52 in Cincinnati.   At each successive stop, we moved up section until we reached the contact between the Kope and Fairview formations at our final stop along KY Route 11 near Maysville, KY.

    Please click on the title for the full article!

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