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  • Louisiana Geological Registration

    <p>The State of Louisiana is implementing geological registration. There is a short period, ending December 31st, in which to obtain grandfathering eligibility, and the separate formal application period will begin next year. If you wish to be grandfathered into registration in Louisiana, you must visit, follow the instructions, and submit the appropriate check, which will also cover the cost of your formal application next year.</p>

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  • New OGS Publication

    <p>Recent release of Ohio’s Geology in Core and Outcrop—A Field Guide for Citizens and Environmental and Geotechnical Investigators (Information Circular 63). Designed for a wide audience and use indoors and in the field, this publication is the most comprehensive publication on Ohio’s surficial and near-surface bedrock units ever released by the Ohio Geological Survey.</p>

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  • November 2013 Field Trip to Active Underground Coal Mine

    November 2013 Field Trip to Active Underground Coal Mine

    <p>On November 15, 2013, members of the Oho <span class=“caps”>AIPG</span> Section, Executive Committee went on a field trip to inspect the ME-<span class=“caps”>OVC</span>, Powhatan No. 6 Coal Mine, Belmont County, St Clairsville Township. The purpose of the field trip was to learn about the technology behind longwall coal mining operations in Ohio.</p>

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  • Hocking Hills Field Trip - August 17, 2013

    <p>Six American Institute of Professional Geologists (<span class=“caps”>AIPG</span>) Ohio Section Members and two prospective members, eight Wright State University (<span class=“caps”>WSU</span>) Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences students and two of their professors met and boarded a brand new tour bus (provided by Columbus Transportation and Tours) early Saturday morning August 17, 2013, to continue their journey to Hocking Hills State Park. The <span class=“caps”>WSU</span> students are members, officers and friends of their <span class=“caps”>AIPG</span> Student Chapter. Several of the <span class=“caps”>WSU</span> <span class=“caps”>AIPG</span> Student Chapter affiliates prepared and provided each participant a color field trip guidebook which included an Itinerary, detailed driving directions for the bus driver, Park Map, Geologic Map and Cross Section of Ohio, Geologic Time Scale, a Brief Geologic History of Ohio and the Hocking Hills Area as well as a description of each of the four field trip stop with color trail maps. <span class=“caps”>WSU</span> student Gregory (Greg) Russell Geise provided an overview of the Hocking Hills area known for its Mississippian aged (approximately 335 million years ago) coarse grained sandstone and conglomerate. Student participants were provided with copies of Ohio Geologic Society Guidebook 4. Geology of the Hocking Hills State Park Region, by Michael C. Hanson, compliments of <span class=“caps”>AIPG</span> Ohio Section. Click on the link for the full article, including photos and tour stops.</p>

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  • Clark County, Bethel Township Water Well Rig Fire

    <p>Just last week Crabtree Well Drilling was drilling a new water well for a new home construction in Clark County, Bethel Township when they encountered a gas pocket in the Ordovician limestone and shale. The drill bit had penetrated below 300 feet in depth when the gas pocket in the subsurface was encountered. This is an unusual event since there is no known oil and gas fields documented along the Cincinnati arch. Also, there are no known gas pipelines in the area. As a result, the origin of the fire was due to natural causes. Crabtree Drilling lost a rig valued at $750, 000. View the full post for the official news story!</p>

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  • June 2013 Field Trip to Active Utica Shale Drilling Sites

    June 2013 Field Trip to Active Utica Shale Drilling Sites

    <p>On June 14, 2013, members of the Ohio <span class=“caps”>AIPG</span> Section went on a field trip to inspect Chesapeake Energy drilling, hydraulic fracturing and production operations. The field trip help to provide and in-depth understand on the Utica shale drilling and production facilities that could only be obtained through hands on experience and onsite observation.</p>

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  • 2013 Ohio Water Well Association (OWWA) 2013 Well Construction Conference, Live Drilling Demontration

    <p>Mr. Curt Coe, President-Elect of the Ohio Section of <span class=“caps”>AIPG</span>, attended the 2013 Ohio Water Well Association (<span class=“caps”>OWWA</span>) 2013 Well Construction Conference, Live Drilling Demonstration on May 16, 2013. As reported by Mr. Coe, the purpose of the conference was to bring together different sectors of with water well industry to gain an understanding of the many factors that go into the coordination of a complete multiple-well residential system. The conference showed how collaboration between different water industry disciplines is beneficial for the industry, for consumers, and for the environment. The conference demonstrated proper installation of a water well and geothermal wells. Training sessions encompassed equipment selection and installation for a complete private water system that included water treatment and geothermal system. The conference also showed how the regulatory requirements for all of these systems could be coordinated and successfully met on a residential site with and existing septic system.</p>

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  • May 2013 Newsletter and Dinner Presentation

    <p>The <span class=“caps”>AIPG</span> Ohio Section Website has been updated with the May 2013 Newsletter and information on the upcoming Dinner Presentation scheduled for Thursday, May 16, 2013 at La Scala Italian Bistro in Dublin, Ohio.</p>

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  • Ohio EPA SWDO DDAGW Job Openings

    <p>Two current job openings for Geologist 3 positions at the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, Southwest District Office, Division of Drinking and Ground Waters have been posted to our Classifieds page. The deadline for applications is May 15, 2013 so check it out soon if you are interested! Click on the post title for more information!</p>

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  • 4th Annual AIPG Conference

    4th Annual AIPG Conference

    <p>The 4th Annual <span class=“caps”>AIPG</span> Conference was held on April 10 and 11, 2013 at the McKinley Grand Hotel in Canton, Ohio. The subject of the Conference was: </p>

    <p>Marcellus, Utica, and Point Pleasant Shale:<br />
    Energy Development and Enhancement by Hydraulic Fracturing</p>

    <p>A list of presenters and links to the presentations is available on the <span class=“caps”>AIPG</span> National Site via the following link:</p>


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