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  • 2013 Ohio Water Well Association (OWWA) 2013 Well Construction Conference, Live Drilling Demontration

    <p>Mr. Curt Coe, President-Elect of the Ohio Section of <span class=“caps”>AIPG</span>, attended the 2013 Ohio Water Well Association (<span class=“caps”>OWWA</span>) 2013 Well Construction Conference, Live Drilling Demonstration on May 16, 2013. As reported by Mr. Coe, the purpose of the conference was to bring together different sectors of with water well industry to gain an understanding of the many factors that go into the coordination of a complete multiple-well residential system. The conference showed how collaboration between different water industry disciplines is beneficial for the industry, for consumers, and for the environment. The conference demonstrated proper installation of a water well and geothermal wells. Training sessions encompassed equipment selection and installation for a complete private water system that included water treatment and geothermal system. The conference also showed how the regulatory requirements for all of these systems could be coordinated and successfully met on a residential site with and existing septic system.</p>

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