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  • Hocking Hills Field Trip - August 17, 2013

    <p>Six American Institute of Professional Geologists (<span class=“caps”>AIPG</span>) Ohio Section Members and two prospective members, eight Wright State University (<span class=“caps”>WSU</span>) Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences students and two of their professors met and boarded a brand new tour bus (provided by Columbus Transportation and Tours) early Saturday morning August 17, 2013, to continue their journey to Hocking Hills State Park. The <span class=“caps”>WSU</span> students are members, officers and friends of their <span class=“caps”>AIPG</span> Student Chapter. Several of the <span class=“caps”>WSU</span> <span class=“caps”>AIPG</span> Student Chapter affiliates prepared and provided each participant a color field trip guidebook which included an Itinerary, detailed driving directions for the bus driver, Park Map, Geologic Map and Cross Section of Ohio, Geologic Time Scale, a Brief Geologic History of Ohio and the Hocking Hills Area as well as a description of each of the four field trip stop with color trail maps. <span class=“caps”>WSU</span> student Gregory (Greg) Russell Geise provided an overview of the Hocking Hills area known for its Mississippian aged (approximately 335 million years ago) coarse grained sandstone and conglomerate. Student participants were provided with copies of Ohio Geologic Society Guidebook 4. Geology of the Hocking Hills State Park Region, by Michael C. Hanson, compliments of <span class=“caps”>AIPG</span> Ohio Section. Click on the link for the full article, including photos and tour stops.</p>

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