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Ohio's Principal Advocate for Geology and Geologic Profession

Geologic Map of Cross Section of Ohio

The primary goal of the American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG) Ohio Section is to be the principal advocate for geology and the geologic profession in Ohio and to promote high ethical standards and continuing career development for our members. In addition, the Ohio Section of AIPG functions as a liaison between Members and the geologic community, state and local government, and the general public. If you are a geologist or geology student in the state of Ohio, we encourage you to seek the qualifications for full or student membership and professional certification in AIPG.

About AIPG Ohio Section

Glacial Grooves, Put-in Bay, Ohio

The AIPG Ohio Section is to be recognized as the principal advocate for geology and the geologic profession in Ohio that promotes high ethical standards and continuing career development. We will encourage our membership to archive and maintain the highest technical and ethical standards.

Benefits of Membership

Natural bridge at Rockbridge Ohio
  • Professional Certification (Certified Professional Geologist [CPG]) for those meeting the requirements.

  • Access to AIPG National events, newsletters, educational events, and knowledge base.

  • Invitation to Ohio Section meetings and educational events featuring guest speakers representing different fields of geology.

  • Annual Field Trips to visit unique geologic features in Ohio.

As a member, you join hundreds of other professional geologists in supporting advocacy and educational efforts throughout Ohio.

AIPG National Organization


AIPG membership is handled by the National offices. To join the national AIPG organization and the Ohio Section please visit AIPG Membership.

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